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The DocuWare Platform

The DocuWare Platform provides access to DocuWare. You will find all features provided which are used by the DocuWare WebClient.

The DocuWare Platform .NET API is a set of .NET assemblies which are used to simplify the access to the DocuWare Platform for .NET programmers.

Getting started with the DocuWare Platform .NET API

You need a Visual Studio 2013 installation of any edition. Then you can install the needed libraries using the NuGet package manager. Just type "DocuWare" in the search box of the package manager or install it in the Package Manager Console running Install-Package DocuWarePlatformApi.

After you installed the package you might want to take a look at the code samples and read The Platform as REST Service.

The .NET API supports both synchronous and asynchronous patterns. You can get familiar with the patterns.

This site describes the API of DocuWare 6.9. Most of the functions of DocuWare 6.9 exist also in previous versions of DocuWare. You can use the DocuWare Platform .NET API 6.9 to target DocuWare 6.5 or higher, however you can only use the functions as available in older versions.

From version 6.8 the API comes as portable library. Therefore the minimum supported .NET version is 4.5.1. If your application supports older versions of .NET you still can use any previous version of the DocuWare .NET API.

All new API introduced in DocuWare 6.9 is marked with the GeckoAttribute class. All new API introduced in DocuWare 6.8 is marked with the FoxAttribute class. All new API introduced in DocuWare 6.7 is marked with the EagleAttribute class. All new API introduced in DocuWare 6.6 is marked with the DolphinAttribute class. If you want to target DocuWare 6.5 you should consider this attribute.

The documentation for previous versions of the DocuWare Platform .NET API is still available.

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