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Get File Cabinets

Once you got the organization, you can continue accessing the file cabinets. Web Baskets and File Cabinets are handled the same way, thus you get baskets and File Cabinets with a single request. The following examples show how to get the File Cabinets and baskets and find the default Web Basket.

Get all File Cabinets
var fileCabinets = org.GetFileCabinetsFromFilecabinetsRelation().FileCabinet;
foreach (var fc in fileCabinets)
    Console.WriteLine("You have access to the file cabinet " + fc.Name + ".");
Get the Default Web Basket
var defaultBasket = fileCabinets.Where(f => f.IsBasket && f.Default).First();
Get the first available File Cabinet

var fileCabinet = fileCabinets.Where(f => !f.IsBasket).First();
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